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We have a growing list of Mentors for you to choose from. You can connect with as many Mentors as you like. Simply click on the different profiles and contact the Mentor or Mentors of your choice.

All HearPeers Mentors are volunteers and are giving their time freely to share their experiences regarding hearing loss and their way of finding a hearing solution. They are not implant professionals and will not be able to provide any medical advice.

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Become a Mentor

who can help support you on your hearing journey.

The HearPeers Mentor Programme will help you to:

  • Connect with like-minded hearing implant users
  • Share your thoughts and emotions with people who understand exactly what you’re going through
  • Benefit from users’ knowledge and experience gained on their hearing journey
  • Ask questions you may not feel comfortable asking a health care professional
  • Get a realistic understanding of life with a hearing implant
  • Discover everyday tips
  • Chat with other recipients in our global HearPeers online forum