Spot the Signs of Hearing Loss

Signs of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss can be spotted early if you know about the signs. Find out some of the early signs for children as well as adults.

Hearing Loss in Children

Hearing Problems In children

Around one in every 1,000 children is severely or profoundly deaf at three years old but this figure has doubled by the time children reach nine to 16 years. Signs of hearing loss or a hearing problem in your child are:

If they…

  • Are slow to learn to talk or miss out parts of words, for instance saying ‘oo’ instead of ‘shoe’ or ‘how’ instead of ‘house’
  • Often ask you to repeat yourself or respond inappropriately to a question
  • Don’t reply when you call them
  • Often talk very loudly
  • Often turn up the volume of the TV so it’s very loud
  • Look intently at you when you speak
  • Watch others to copy instructions, because they haven’t heard[2]

Hearing Loss in Adults

Hearing Problems In adults

You or someone else may have a hearing problem if:

  • You find it hard to follow conversations in groups or in noisy places such as bars or restaurants
  • You struggle to hear on the phone
  • You think that others mumble and often need to ask them to repeat themselves
  • Others complain that you don’t listen
  • Others complain that the TV is too loud
  • You find it difficult to tell which direction noise is coming from
  • You find it tiring to listen to conversations because of having to concentrate hard

If you wake up with a sudden loss of hearing in one ear or lose the hearing in one ear within a couple of days, see your GP urgently. If you think you may be gradually losing your hearing, your GP can give you an ear examination to rule out blockages, signs of infection or other abnormalities and can refer you to an audiologist for hearing tests and diagnosis.

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